Security, safety, comfort and ease of use are your most important requirements when choosing hospital wristbands for patient identification.

Speedy ID hospital wristbands are soft enough for maternity / paediatric patient use – as proven with over 15 years as an approved NHS wristband supplier. Our hospital wristbands are ideal as care home id wristbands as well, used for elderly patients.

Speedy ID Hospital Wristbands

Speedy ID patient identification bands suit both Adult and Child patients, and either write-on or insert card types. Each box contains 100 individual wristbands.

Child: 165mm / 6 ½'' long,

approx 50mm maximum diameter

Adult: 260mm / 10'' long,

approx 80mm maximum diameter

Speedy ID hospital wristbands by Speed Plastics Ltd

The company prides itself on the production of medical products
that improve or enhance the living standard of individuals in need of care.